Geneva is horological salon, the technology of praise highly individual character is orgiastic

Come from Switzerland will be the technology of old robot doll, old and mysterious star activity and wrist watch union to be together, only the watchcase of 4.1 millimeter... the Geneva that just rings down the curtain is advanced and horological salon, resembling is a technology after dark clouds drops off orgiastic2010 Geneva is advanced and horological salon (Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie, SIHH) exhibit a house to walk along circuit, the most apparent feeling is jam and enthusiastic. Put a bag to queue up, install check to queue up, lunch queues up, look for a seat to que[...]

Small numerous group is right the horological flourishing age in

  According to the data that horological federation released Switzerland in Feburary, horological export total was Switzerland 2009 franc of 13.23 billion Switzerland, with photograph comparing dropped 2008 22.3% . However from last year the sale status of Christmas Eve is considerable the evidence that measures, and these evidence are more in SIHH(Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie, the anniversary of abbreviation SIHH) is able to affirm on grand meeting. As Switzerland two big lists are exhibited one of, contrast has hundreds ginseng every year to exhibit manufacture[...]

Horological grand meeting will lift Basel Chinese wind

On March 18, horological gem exhibits annual Basel heavy curtain will be pulled open in Swiss small town, this is called " the Oscar in luxury " , " vane of bound of international wrist watch " grand meeting, the instantly that anabiosises gradually in financial crisis, cause the attention of more person more and more, and Chinese, act amid important role. Open Chinese official network technically Sufferred effect of global banking crisis last year, basel watch is exhibited ginseng exhibit personnel, meeting to exhibit dimensions and photograph of in former years to compare all consider[...]

Qing Daizhong watch exhibits curiosa to appear on " time " is royal forestall resource

The combination such as Guangzhou museum and museum of Shenyang the Imperial Palace sponsors " bowstring annulus carries closely -- the courtyard hides museum of Shenyang the Imperial Palace classical bell exhibits Qing Gongzhong watch and Zhong Hang of sounds of nature " at was in Guangzhou on December 25, 2009 museum special subject displays hall to kick off. The exhibition exhibited the courtyard hides museum of Shenyang the Imperial Palace 18 centuries express cultural relic to the precious Qing Gongzhong of 19 centuries more than 30, producing a country formerly basically is England[...]

Market of horological form a complete set receives Shenzhen check of industrial and commercial make one's rounds

  To cooperate Shenzhen civilization the city checks activity, shenzhen is horological market of form a complete set besides hang catchphrase, in China horological net special subject is publicized, special still increase staff, increase perambulatory examination strength, cooperate check of industrial and commercial make one's rounds actively at the same time.     Now morning, group of industrial and commercial go on a tour of inspection comes Shenzhen market of horological form a complete set, undertook to the market routine is checked. General manager of [...]

First Hangzhou is top class and horological the section kicked off on January 22

  On January 22, anniversary of new clothes of house of watch of Hangzhou edifice name is celebrated and first Hangzhou is top class and horological the section will kick off, "The name expresses chamberlain " can be be about to hold water " top class name expresses a club " one of special services. In the meantime, 4 days " the corridor of time " watch of top class gold exhibits the list of nearly 20 high end that will show 9 brands.     "On watch consumption, chinese preference is basic paragraph, also be called ' Chinese money ' , but the watch money that[...]

Xi Tiecheng " prospective light " glaring Basel

Recently, in Basel horological exhibit on, xi Tiecheng announces formally, the brunt concept 500 2009 will be issued to express in global set limit to in June 2010 -- , Eco-DriveDOME. Broke through countless technologies obstacle, the success that Eco-DriveDOME produces by notional vector transforms, adumbrative Xi Tiecheng stepped solid one pace again in the course that innovates indefinitely. Regard the business of global heavyweight as the domain, xi Tiecheng values development China market very all the time and promote its the brand force in China, there is 100 to will appear on home[...]

Swatch gained profit last year glide Switzerland is horological exit ebbs

 Swatch group (CH-UHR) express, gained profit last year drop, but fall division expects a score analyse small, although this group is the most serious since great depression of all previous classics decline, dan Jizhong expresses city to occupy rate still rise.      Swatch expresses in statement today, last year net relatively on year glide 9% to man of 700 million 59 million luck (700 million 8 million dollar) . Rich of Peng of this data excel investigates 13 analysts beforehand the net of appraise 700 million franc.      Consortium[...]

China is horological year: The road that open industry revives

    2010, a memorable time also is for horological to China industry. 85 years ago, attend Panama world rich to meet when China, when obtaining special honour with a variety of item on display, among them " beautiful Hua Li " clock jumps from inside the handicraft of of all kinds tradition however, show itself in the horological production domain that is good at in Hesperian, unplug so that the head prepares, with one action won golden qualitative medal. 55 years ago, when just when new China begins each industry,be being built, the watch that China makes also is born[...]

Ying Huangzhong expresses gem to match carry out new reach can exchange debt

   Ying Huangzhong expresses gem (887) conclude new an agreement matching carry out, match the price that presses every 0.51 HK dollar carry out most 450 million new share, 10.00% what comparative to already issued capital stock at the company, reach make an appointment with via enlarging capital stock 9.09% . The company also concludes can change a bond to distribute book of carry out accredit, accredit matchs Wu Ke of carry out representative to change a bond to match press inside carry out period endeavor fiducial make subscribe person subscribe can trade a bond.  [...]

Elegant watch of a person of extraordinary powers breaks through tender feelings honey meaning is horological history go up make classically

Elegant watch of a person of extraordinary powers is revealing his adequately besides crackajack accurate timing function, father Edward ยท a person of extraordinary powers is elegant oneself return believe in such watch designs philosophy -- he believes a watch ought not to have needless detail -- should offer a person of extraordinary powers elegant list can the style of a resolution, mix aesthetic, science and technology thereby the design that perfect be in harmony collects the function to be expressed at wrist. Elegant watch of a person of extraordinary powers all the time since car[...]

Beijing is horological the processing method that repairs course of study to serve quality and price to complain about be opposite

Beijing is horological the processing method that repairs course of study to serve quality and price to complain about be opposite (try out)   The first  To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumer and operator, solve effectively horological repair course of study to be in the service, all sorts of controversy that consumer and operator arouse because of serving quality and price, dispute and complain, according to " rights and interests of consumer of People's Republic of China protects a law " , " rights and interests of People's Republic of China o[...]